July 23, 2013

diaper bag q&a

I need some help from my mom friends!

John gave me a wonderful diaper bag shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Luke. It's a solid black Vera Bradley diaper bag and was ideal for a mama who packed everything short of the kitchen sink every time she went out of the house. :)

With baby #2 quickly approaching I've been pulling out Luke's newborn boxes and sorting through clothes to see what we can use again. I keep looking at my current diaper bag, wondering how in the world it's going to hold cloth diapers for two kids PLUS all the extras that come with a winter baby (blankets, burp cloths, bibs, extra clothes, etc.) Which brings me to my question for YOU!

What was your favorite diaper bag? 

I'm thinking that a backpack style might work well & allow me to keep my hands free. Cloth diapers take up so much room and I need something that allows for our diapers PLUS extras. Like most moms, I make the diaper bag my purse as well, so I want something with pockets that allows for easy access to my wallet/phone/keys. I've been eyeing these styles.

Vera Bradley Convertible Baby Bag
(my diaper bag with Luke held up so well;  I'd love to go the Vera route again)
Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack
(why in the world are these things so expensive?!)

Skip Hop Via Backpack
(less than half the price of the one above & looks like it would be more comfortable when worn)

And it's probably completely unpractical (way overpriced & not big enough) but I love the
Pottery Barn Kids Classic Mom Diaper Bag

(If you're thinking "but won't Luke be potty-trained shortly after the baby arrives?" keep thinking. Our little man has reached his milestones on his own time and it doesn't look like we're anywhere near potty training just yet. And I'm okay with that!)

Anyone have experience with any of the options shown above? 
I'd love to know your comments! 
And if you have another suggestion for a roomy, organized diaper bag, please share! 


  1. Seriously you READ my mind. I was just researching "diaper bags for two" (I like how aimlessly goggling is considered "researching). With my first I used a Vera Bradly regular purse. My grandma had given it to me for Xmas and I loved all the interior pockets and then I would just thrown a skip hop pronto clutch in there and Viola a diaper bag. I am thinking I need something way bigger and more practical for my two little ladies next fall. Can't wait to hear the suggestions and let us know what you choose.

  2. I have the Vera Bradley convertible diaper bag and I LOVE it. I manage to fit all kinds of things in there. We just went up to visit my parents this past weekend, and I had a bunch of diapers, a small pack of wipes, a muslin blanket, a change of clothes for my little guy, his snack container, plus a little bottle cooler that holds two bottles. And I still had some room left.

  3. Petunia!!! Love mine and w twins coming it will be
    Perfect for hands free

  4. I liked a sling bag. Kept my hands free and it was comfortable. I could get into it without taking it off (just swing around front). I only carried items items for one kid, but also always carried "everything but the kitchen sink" for her. I still have the bag 10 years later and still use it for outings.

  5. I LOVED my Petunia too and the backpack made it really nice plus it looked like an upscale purse!!! Had plenty of room for all of Cara Rose's stuff and mine too!

  6. Oh man, I have a Columbia sling bag and I like it. Def roomy, but I only pack one cloth diaper for each of them. It fits my essentials, a couple cloth diapers, and one of those anis&aden blankets along with water bottles, snacks, and a bottle. If I need another CD while we're out that trip disposable it is. I also don't have enough CD to even get me through 2 days. I typically have been washing about every day (because babies go through SO many) and I have no false pretenses that PFB will be potty trained soon. It would be nice, but quite frankly I don't have the energy to devote to it right now and I don't think she's ready. So for now we do the best we can with the diapers we have. Good luck!


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